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A good use of social media

January 07, 2017 at 3:18 PM

How's this for a good use of social media?  Certainly Wood, the UK's biggest supplier of British kiln dried firewood commissioned me to make a series of short videos about how to light a fire, a bbq, fire pit and so on.  In doing so, they wanted to capture those people who head to the internet in search of everyday answers - "how do I do this, or that?" Of course, they sprinkled their answers with references to Certainly Wood products and why shouldn't they? Certainly Wood's firewood and natural firelighters are excellent! At the end of each video, we also filmed Managing Director, Nic Snell, pointing towards a web link which was added later in YouTube.  It's click-able and takes the viewer directly Certainly Wood's website ...how's that for sales driven marketing!?