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A Panorama I worked on has been shortlsted for an award. I was part of a BBC team who followed Chris Roberts for two years as he copes with early onset dementia. Thank you to him, Jayne and their fami…

A good use of social media

How's this for a good use of social media?  Certainly Wood, the UK's biggest supplier of British kiln dried firewood commissioned me to make a series of short videos about how to light a fire, a bbq, …


This is a film I have been working on with weatherman, Derek Brockway @derektheweather - about Sepsis, which killed his Dad and is a major cause of death and life changing injuries. If you don't know …

Latest for The Landmark Trust

My latest work for The Landmark Trust - great to work with the Restoration Man.  Fascinating building.

Steel Special with Michael Sheen

8pm tonight - another programme I have been working on - telling the story of Port Talbot and its steel workers through the eyes of actor, Michael Sheen who grew up in the town.…


A cracking review from the Daily Telegraph for the dementia programme I worked on.

Steel Town

Here's another programme I have been working on - on next week.

Panorama - must watch!

This programme will open your eyes and fill them with tears. It's a story of great courage in adversity. I first met Chris and Jayne and the rest of their family two years ago when I persuaded them to…


Here's a showreel of some of the things I have been getting up to over the last few months. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfu…

Great pictures make good social media

People love pictures. If you have lots of stills, or particularly video, on your Facebook page, people will like it or love it - all drawing attention to your business.  Photo albums are particularly …

why choose video?

Video is where your customers are. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and it has more than a billion users worldwide, so having a video to explain what what you do makes total sense.

The trick is to make short films which are user-friendly and snappy – think bite-sized chunks of video for use on your website and social media. It won't slow your website down, it will grab people who are short of time and it will be easy to share on social media.

video to explain your business

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