why use video?

Video can help you boost your sales and reach new audiences. You can share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

It captures the YouTube generation who don't want to wade through words on your website – and the millions who use social media as their preferred search engine.

Having a video can help you boost your search engine ranking, it's engaging and it's easy to share.

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what I can do for you

I am a BBC-trained journalist, producer and cameraman with all the skills you need to produce a short, sharp video for sharing online.

I can help you shape your story (scripting, interviewing) and I have high-quality kit to provide you with a complete web-friendly video.

I can take still images too, and can help turn your story into compelling content for your website or social media channels.

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why it's cost-effective

I'm a one-man band with my own high-quality kit – so I can produce, film, interview and edit and keep my costs down.

I offer simple graphics as standard but if your needs are more complex I have contacts among a network of professionals including after effects artists and finishing editors.

The videos I make are HD (high definition) quality – they'll give you that professional edge and a more polished look.

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journalist, cameraman, producer and photographer

I started out as a print journalist before moving to the BBC where I was a reporter, producer, director and shoot-edit cameraman. I've got the storytelling and interviewing skills that will help you get the best out of your video.

I have worked on BBC Documentaries and some of the biggest stories of recent years for BBC and Channel 4 News. I'm just as happy producing short web videos for small-to-medium-sized businesses, tourism groups, non-profit organisations and campaign groups - each has a unique story to tell.

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HD VIDEO as standard

All my videos are filmed in HD format as standard to give your footage that professional edge. As well as simple motion graphics and soundtracks which I can add for you in the edit, I have access to a network of trusted professionals to call upon for added extras. They include animators and finishing editors - so there's no need to limit your horizons if you want to get really creative. Talk to me about your requirements and I will organise everything for you.

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As You See It Video – HD video as standard